Why I care. I care even when no one else does. I care about the environment and the world I live in. I care even when the world teams up against me. Life on Earth is sweet. God made everything here perfect form the very beginning.

They say that there’s nothing new under the sun, well then what happens if there is no sun? I woke up this morning, cool brisk day in Autumn. As I look to the sky there it is, as always pure blue skies. The landscape stretches out for miles. That’s the way things were back then. Back in those days everything was beautiful, especially the ladies. Blue pristine skies.

That was back in the 1900’s before airplanes and chem-trails littered the skies, now nothing but a blue haze, clouds stretched out for miles. All thanks to big government. Big daddy government always knows what’s best for you. That’s why we have big government, so those people in power who are more fitted to be the decision makers have all of the information to make the most informed decisions possible, but not you of course. Let’s face it, you’re really not smart enough to understand anything as complex as the environment so instead of keeping you informed, we’re just going to keep you occupied with small things.

The everyday life of mediocrity has blind sided you. What makes me angry is that the scientific community are so into themselves. Playing God on a mass/global scale. Scientific studies have been conducted about research into solar geoengineering, in which they’ve been releasing chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonates into the stratosphere. Crony capitalist billionaires are holding the environment hostage and demanding that we dismantle our petroleum industry and stop CO2 emissions.

They’re spraying the stratosphere with aluminum, reflective material that will reflect solar radiation back out into outer space. America has always been a world leader, leading other nations forward by our lead or at least we once did. America has always been a unifying agent for good or at least me thought we were. America was able to bring together 194 countries from around the world to sign The Paris Climate Agreement.

Standing in front of a UN and the French flag then President Obama gave a speech at the Paris Climate Summit in 2015. The Democrats hadn’t ever been American from the very beginning it wouldn’t be any duty to them to see an American flag next to a French flag, but Obama isn’t there to represent America. President Obama was in France to talk about globalism, how the UN was going to step into global agreements with a coalition of countries all over the world for one singular purpose, to save us from ourselves before it’s to late for us all.

Where Obama declared global war on cynicism and inaction on the issue of climate change. Conformity is strong when it comes to freak show environmentalist. Libtards from California, real tree-huggers. These people have serious mental development and emotional issues. Never make an environmentalist angry, they’re like ticking time bombs ready to explode on anyone for any reason.

Every country in the Paris Climate Agreement has pledged that something would be done on the issue of climate change, yet their contributions are minuscule when compared to America. In fact, it’s not a good agreement at all. Most countries economies are driven by energy. What they call dirty energy is energy with a high carbon footprint such as fossil fuels. Why should the rest of the world hold The United States hostage on climate change?!

Changing times call for new innovations and strategies. Fossil fuels sparked the industrial revolution. Fossil fuels are very important for developing countries. Our entire transportation system is defined by fossil fuels.

Bringing in a new dawn, a NWO is scary. Guilty until proven innocent anyone? We’re all required to contribute to reducing are individual carbon footprint all for the greater good, failure to comply is not an option. Sound familiar? Sounds like big government? More like nazi gestapo!

UN boots marching down our streets. More reasons to spend hard earned taxpayer money to the good old United Nations to save the planet. Everyone does their part to make the world around them better every day, whether it’s calling out bogus global initiatives or biting your tug everyone makes there own choices for different reasons. We’re called to ask questions of our elected officials, to have more transparency then this. Not to come into compliance and understanding with global initiatives that were started years ago without our knowledge nor consent.

We have to blame someone, someone is going to pay the consequences for hiding this information form mainstream media. I pick up plastics and other trash off the bottom of the ocean floor, not because I have to, no one is forcing me to do it, I do it because that’s what good people do and I will myself to be good.

Man-made climate change is real. Mankind really did warm up the environment, global warming is happening, but what they don’t tell you is how they were the ones who created it. The government were the enablers of climate change.

They’ve been spraying chemicals in our stratosphere for decades. Lying to us, they called us crazy. They told us that we were the conspracy theorist nut jobs, will not anymore. Darkening the skies with their greed. It’s materialism!

Now, they’re openly admitting that everything was true. That what they had told you before was crazy talk from disturbed individuals. The only people disturbed is you dear! You smelt it, you dealt it. It’s not too late.

God has the whole world in his hands, not the United Nations. Industry and globalization has increased CO2 emissions around the world. They’re actively involved in manufacturing fear, climate terrorism within the hearts and minds of a very gullible public. Engaging in a huge experiment, that’s untested and has all the potential to spell total doom for all life living on Earth.

Why don’t they try to build a spaceship and terraform a different planet, not one that’s already viable, that is sustainable. Mother earth takes care of mother earth. Mother earth can self-repair herself, better than mankind could ever.

They wish to terraform and geoengineer a planet such as Earth. Let us keep our fossil fuels, our petroleum to move our trucks down the interstate. They say that we can be high carbon emitters, that we can put-off a lot of methane gas in the air, but they’re also going to continue to spray the skies in the meantime.

They call for a sense of urgency on the matter of climate change, they want a woke public. More like a public mob, retards running around telling everyone what to do, how to think. Telling us that we need to live in the microscopic world of particles, like they do. To organize the small stuff!

I declare war against the global government. I can’t sit here while the Earth is being poisoned, our crops, the food I eat. I pickup trash off the bottom of the seafloor, while they litter the skies with their chem-trails. Cancer causing agents falling from the skies, it’s no wonder everyone you know is either dead or is the process of dying.

They say that stopping would spell out certain doom, at least cease operations while the public decides and comes to are own conclusions on the matter. They want nuclear fallout, give it to them. At least then we’ll know that we tried to stop them! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Why I don’t drink coffee 10 minutes before a dive. There’s plenty of coffee drinking to be done once the dive is over. The idea is to find peace of mind, calm your nerve. I can feel my heart beating much better form down here. Just enough to find rest. Get into zen mode, now pay attention to how you’re breathing. Watch your breath! To much Caffeine before a dive and I’ve lost it. My whole zen thing falls short.