What’s up dudes, I’m Brad

How are you today? I’ve got a Divemaster certification card in scuba diving. Everyone needs a good DM around. Whether I’m leading a team of divers or towing a flag up the rear, you’ll always find me where adventure is to be had.

As a young man I grew up down in old T-town Texarkana, TX. I played outside all the time, joined Boy Scouts of America and became an eagle scout. I’ve stuck to the extracurriculars as far as being outdoors. Being active is the key to success. Stay active and physically attractive. My favorite thing to do is marching. Marching all the way across town just to see who’ll meet on my journey.

I’ve always been very outgoing and ready to go on an adventure. I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2005. I’ve got a bachelors of science in biology from the University Of Arkansas. In 2009 I got certified in open water as a student at the University. At the time I was majoring in business and biology, most of my time was spent in studies and ranting against tyranny in government. I argued with more professors over their programmed mind-control than anything.

We got started in June of 2016. I’ve met a lot of cool divers. My friends say that I talk to much and that I do better underwater when I have a regulator in my mouth. I see where they’re coming from, except that I’ve put a lot of thought into my thought processes. I love to drink coffee and have a good conversation.

Diving is a very other worldly experience, one that I’d like to capture in the moment. My mom and sister say that I remind them of my dad. He died in 1997, I most have been very young, 14. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My dad had toxins running through his bloodstream that had gotten there because of all the chemicals that America had used in materials at the time.

Every time, my mom and sister see me with underwater videos and camera equipment their memories instantly go to dad and all his sound and video equipment that he worked with. My mom remarried and is happily married to my stepdad.

As the most critical part of the instructional crew I’m the one that has to bring the entire dive team together and make sure everyone leaves happy. I’m really good at telling jokes and getting a lot of laughs. For a guy in his mid-thirties I’ve seen my environment change a lot. In American and around the world these are very strange times that we live in today. As a self-described isolationist, I have grown an interest in prepping and self-reliance. Scuba diving is the ultimate in ultimate male vitality.

From terrestrial to aquatic I’ve adapted myself to a changing environment. I’ve raised red flags, gotten negative attention, the whole works and now I’m ready for more. I don’t hug trees or drive a Pruis but I will pick up trash on the ocean floor.

I plan more continued education in my diving and technical diving career. I plan an ongoing, ever evolving, well rounded scuba center in the future, where I can go diving everyday, take the weight off my knees and go on cruises with divers every three months. Non-serious divers need not apply!