We here at DiveNWA do our best to represent American principles of freedom and liberty for all. These are tough times for everyone. We stand strong to fight for truth, love and beauty. As Americans we are required to fight back against tyranny and oppression in all its forms. To those ends we unapologetically and unashamedly will stand for what we believe is right, to not fall into the trap of absolute despotism. As diving professionals we stand for real science and have a great deal of respect for the scientific method when used properly.

Divenwa is a business group of independent diving professionals working together for the love of diving. We operate in the Northwest Arkansas area for diving instruction. Scuba diving is more than just a sport it’s a lifestyle decision. Many divers that I’ve met don’t do anything other than to scuba dive. We have been in business since June 2016.

Learn to dive with the best and then travel to awesome diving locations. Throw on an air tank and jump in! Lets put some distance between you and the surface. Plan an escape from reality and travel into another world. Want to learn to spearfish underwater? How about getting scuba scooter certified and get from point A to point B in no time! Lets go on an adventure and explore the final frontier. See the world illuminate in front of you! There are all kinds of exotic creatures and colors down here!

We’re just a group of dedicated dive bums, leaning on each other to improve our diving habits. We routinely go on cruises and work with travel agents to take students to the Caribbean. We offer travel deals and packages to get divers into the ocean so they can start exploring. We help guide students on these cruises along with the Divemasters present on the dive boat.

DiveNWA is about having fun. Diving can be therapeutic. Diving is a social sport. You have to trust that your dive buddy will be within arms reach. Scuba Diving is such a surreal experience, even other worldly. A world that was never made for terrestrial man, but we went there anyway.

This business has been established to make people active, by bringing them together for the fun of diving. 60% physical activity and 40% social, scuba diving can be one of the most rewarding activities you can ever do. Exploring the lake bottom and discovering lost artifacts will open your eyes to the treasures of the deep like never before. Dive camp begins this summer at Beaver lake. Hold on to your dive mask and jump in. We Make Divers. Never stop exploring!